is designed to help vulnerable people…


…who are capable of and want to maintain an independent living experience. It also provides peace of mind for their carers.


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*Price includes SIM card with one years
voice and data, fair usage applies

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KIT is a personal safety communications and location device designed for vulnerable people and their carers.

KIT is a wrist worn mobile phone with built in location services using GPS/Wi-Fi and LBS technologies. With KIT your loved one can maintain their independence and you can have peace of mind knowing that you can contact each other with a simple press of a button and you can see where you loved one is using our TAKIT App


KiT - Keep In Touch

SOS Button

When the SOS button is activated it will automatically dial the administrator’s phone number.

SOS Button

When the SOS button is activated it will automatically dial the administrator’s phone number.

Why is for you

We know that as the special people in your life get older, they also become more vulnerable. But we also realise that they value their independence and want to maintain as independent a lifestyle as possible. That is why we created KIT, to give you and your loved one peace of mind, knowing that communication between you is only a simple press of a button away. If you are worried where your loved one is then our TAKIT App lets you see where they are in an instant. We can’t guarantee the safety of your loved one 24/7 but we can give you greater peace of mind with KIT.

Why Kit is for you

Simplicity for both the wearer and carer and complete peace of mind

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Key Features & Benefits

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1 years roaming sim and connectivity platform

We have selected a specially designed SIM card service for KIT that is not dependent on any one mobile network. Our roaming SIM will automatically find a mobile network service if there is one available in your location. As you change location if the mobile service drops on that network then, our SIM service will find the next best available network in your area. Our service comes prepaid for the year to cover your voice and data use subject to our fair usage policy, meaning you never have to worry about topping up your call credit. After the year is up you can renew your service for anther year at

Perimeter alarms

KIT enables you to set up geofences. These are “safe areas” where your loved one normally travels in. If they leave any of these “safe areas” our TAKIT App will send you an alarm notification that they have left the area. You can set up multiple geofences.

Real time tracking

Up to 15 people can be authorised by the administrator to see the location of the wearer By simply tapping the Lock feature on the TAKIT App you can see the current location of KIT.

SOS call & message alert

If the SOS call button has been activated or a voice message has been sent the TAKIT App will send you an alert to inform you of this.

Out of the box solution

When you purchase KIT everything you need to get started is included. From the KIT Wristband and charging cable, a SIM Card with all voice and data requirements covered for a full year (subject to fair usage policy) and a free download of the TAKIT App from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Track route play

If you want to see where your KIT wristband has been over any time period, simply Tap Track function on the TAKIT App to see a sequence of previous locations of KIT. Choose a period of time to display and then tap OK to view.

High grade waterproof :IP66

Please, do NOT immerse the watch under water. The watch comes with IP66 water protection, which will protect it even from strong water jets but not from underwater pressure. Also, please, make sure the SIM card slot cover is properly closed to avoid water entering the watch. This will result in losing the warranty. Keep the product away from fire and avoid high temperature environments.

Worldwide Quadband: GSM:850/900/1800/1900

KIT is designed to work anywhere in the world where GSM service is available.

Super low power consumption

KIT uses the latest battery technology and some clever programming to maximise the battery life.

Magnetic inductive charging

Charging kit is simple with its magnetic inductive charger. Just connect the magnetic head of the cable to the metallic contacts on the back of the watch (rotate the connector until the magnets pull it in position) and connect the other end of the cable to a USB power source.

Voice messaging

With KIT you can send or receive voice messages up to 15 seconds long. Voice messages are not stored on KIT and will automatically be deleted after they have played 3 times.

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